In Person & Virtual Classes

Now offering private cooking lessons in your home or online in a virtual hands-on cooking class. I will teach you the three components to making any dish successful:

  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Presentation

Whether it’s a family dinner you want to learn to master or a special dish you want to learn to perfect for entertaining – I will give you the tips, skills and confidence you need to make your next meal or dinner party a success.

How it works

  • Contact me via e-mail or phone to discuss your cooking goals and book a time for your lesson.
    • phone: 310-529-8454
  • Prior to the lesson I will provide you with a complete list of ingredients and equipment/utensils (pots/pans/kitchen tools) needed.  Don’t worry, anything you don’t have on hand I will bring.  As for the groceries, you can choose to either buy them in advance or I can purchase them for you and bring them with me for an additional $10/flat rate convenience fee. The cost of food is not included in the hourly rate.
  • Hourly rate for lessons or catering is $80 per hour.  A typical lesson will be 2 hours.  For larger groups or virtual classes I charge $30 per person with a minimum of six people.
  • At the end of the lesson you can choose to either serve your finished dish to your family/friends, or store it and save it for later (if the dish lends itself to storing).  Any clean up or additional services are on the hourly rate basis.  I will also leave you with a customized recipe for each dish we prepare.

Why a private lesson?

So often I hear people say to me – “I wish I could cook the way you do”.  And you can! You just need to be taught. I have over twenty five years experience cooking and catering.  Trust me I’ve  learned the hard way how to plan ahead, pick dishes with a few do-ahead components to make life easier, and leave the last minute go-time free to focus on the parts that absolutely must be done at the last minute .  Once I finally mastered those key elements, I started to focus more on the presentation of the dish itself.  It’s an important step that many people don’t think through and can make all the difference between good dish and a truly memorable dish.  The little touches at the end tie it all together like a well told story.  

By teaching you how to be a chef in your own kitchen, whether for your family or friends or an important date, you will be learning skills you can use over and over again. Whether your goal is to learn to make homemade Caesar salad and awesome spaghetti and meatballs or a three course gourmet dinner, I can help you.  Looking forward to meeting you in the kitchen soon!

Service Area:

Currently serving Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Rocklin, and Roseville.