Steak Bites over Bacon Wrapped Potato

with truffle mushroom and horseradish sauce Steak and potato.  Yeah, it's been done about a million different ways so there's nothing new under the sun here except we are just going to go for it in the decadence department.  I'm throwing it all in.  Juicy New York steak, bacon wrapped around a slice of potato and then crisped to perfection, mushrooms sautéed in butter and then tossed in black truffle oil. Oh and to top it off there is a creamy horseradish sauce and of course a few chives ... Continue Reading

Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes with Rosemary Sea Salt

Potatoes cooked in duck fat and sprinkled with rosemary sea salt is a match made in heaven.  Yes.....the French really know what they are doing.  This is a classic French dish that pairs so well with steak or even with something like Mussels or a bold chicken dish. "Why duck fat?" you may ask. It has a higher smoke point than olive oil and so it's good for roasting at high temperatures to get that crispy outside on the potato.  But more importantly it packs in a ton of flavor. And duck ... Continue Reading

Panzanella Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing

Hold up!  Summer is not over yet.  Is it? Well even if it is this Panzanella Salad with grilled veggies and a beautiful grilled lemon-basil dressing is a hit year round.  It's a hearty salad, more of a side dish than just a salad, and it won't wilt in the summer heat so it's perfect for a picnic or barbeque if you are lucky enough to squeeze one last one in this Labor Day weekend.  Panzanella is a Tuscan inspired 'bread' salad with fresh vegetables where the day-old bread soaks up the ... Continue Reading

Crispy Potato with Flank Steak and Horseradish Creme Fraiche

The holidays are all about gatherings and good times and food is such a central part to that.  When I entertain at the holidays, whichever holiday it is, I like to pick dishes that use seasonal ingredients and where the flavors are reminiscent of that holiday.  For me, the Christmas season usually has some kind of a beef dish with horseradish sauce involved, which is a rich dish, so I though it would be fun to make a dish with those classic ... Continue Reading

Gruyere Potato Gratin

I made this cheesy dish of goodness for Easter dinner, which I do every year, and it quickly disappeared.  I forgot how good it is because it's not every day I slowly cook potatoes in a pound of cheese with heavy cream....but oh is it worth it. That little sprinkling of chives at the end really just makes the dish pretty and adds a touch of freshness.  I think it might actually reduce the overall calories in the dish too, or something like that.  (okay well ... Continue Reading

Tapas Night!  Pan Roasted Potatoes & Paprika Aioli

This little gem is a great to make for tapas night when you have lots of other little bites to go along with it or it's just as good doubled or tripled for a weekend brunch menu.  The key is to make sure the aioli is creamy and the potatoes are crisp.  So take the time to whisk the aioli by hand and slowly add in the oil.  If you add the oil too quickly it won't emulsify.  In a pinch you can add the cayenne, lemon, paprika and salt to mayonnaise but I ... Continue Reading

Potato Pancakes with Horseradish Dill Creme Fraiche

I can think of so many dishes that these delicious, crunchy little pancakes would go well with - as part of a breakfast with an egg over easy topped with fresh Parmesan, or maybe alongside a roast for Easter dinner?  Or even made into smaller pancakes and served as an appetizer or topped with smoked salmon.  The trick is to get them crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside (but not raw) by not cooking them at too high a temperature.  Every stove top ... Continue Reading

Shepherd’s Pie

A comfort favorite of mine is this delicious and classic Shepherd's Pie.  Creamy mashed potatoes on top of a deep and flavorful lamb mixture is oh-so-satisfying.  And served in these cute little cocottes dishes it makes for a wonderful presentation.  But if you don't have these dishes any 1.5 quart baking dish will do.  I chose to put a Boursin cheese into the mashed potatoes because I like that garlicky herbal flavor but you can omit that if it's not ... Continue Reading

Smashed Buttermilk Potatoes with a Roasted Jalapeno Chive Oil

Talk about full of flavor!  A potato, to me, is a conduit for getting other delicious flavors into my mouth.  I love the tanginess that buttermilk adds to a potato dish and of course the nuttiness from the Parmesan.  In this recipe I decided to go a bit overboard and add even more flavors.  But I think it works if you don't drown the potatoes in the jalapeno chive oil.  The oil itself isn't too spicy because the roasting of the jalapeno really ... Continue Reading