Wild Cod with Creamy Herb Sauce

Fresh, wild cod is one of those fish that even people who don't really like fish often will eat.  It's used in the fried version of fish tacos or fish and chips.  I love it and I especially love it just seared with a light and creamy herb sauce on the side.  This is one of those filling but calorie friendly meals for the summer.  And....it's gluten free.  Which for me, my friends, is a new thing I'm trying out.  I do have a tendency to add bread and pancetta to every recipe I make so this ... Continue Reading

Cioppino with Roasted Garlic Parsley Butter Toast

Cioppino is a soul warming comfort food like no other. I honestly don't know whether to call it a soup or a stew but no matter what you call it you absolutely must, must have a yummy toast to dip into the broth to soak up all those flavors.  I love this roasted garlic parsley butter toast with a little hint of Parmesan on it.  It's delicious on its own but really adds a layer of flavor to the Cioppino, too.  You can serve the toast on the side or cut it up and serve it as little croutons on ... Continue Reading

Brown Butter Scallops with Creamy Farro

Valentines day?  Romantic dinner for two? Elegant evening with friends? Check and check. Any which way you slice it this Brown Butter scallop recipe will win you some extra culinary points with your loved ones. Browning the butter gives you a simple sauce for your scallops with a delicious nutty flavor which pairs perfectly with the nuttiness of the whole grain, Farro.  If you haven't tried Farro yet - you must. It's an ancient grain that is full of protein and fiber that has a nice ... Continue Reading

Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Pineapple Salsa and Adobo Creme Fraiche

I think fish tacos are one of my top five favorite meals - and these delicious little gems are no exception.  Citrus and fish go so well together which is one reason why the sweet, fresh mango and pineapple tossed in some lime juice with a little heat from the Serrano chili pepper is the perfect combination to go with the grilled fish.  I used a dry rub on the fish that has a little kick to it and went with a mild to medium spice on the salsa because I layered on ... Continue Reading

Smoked Salmon Flat Bread Breakfast Pizza

Sometimes cooking is less about the actual cooking process and more about putting together the right flavors and textures.  This recipe is exactly that.  The only cooking involved is heating and crisping a store bought flat bread and piling on an amazing array of of flavors.  It takes 10 minutes and you have a fabulous breakfast or brunch item!  But, I will say this, use the best quality ingredients you can find and afford.  A nice delicate wild ... Continue Reading

Crispy Sea Bass with Green Curry Sauce

What is better on a rainy or snowy day than a hot bowl of soup?  This delicious and flavorful green curry sauce, made with coconut milk, gives you that same warmth that makes this a perfect fall meal.  It has a delicate flavor profile from the lemongrass and ginger.  If you like heat you could go with more curry paste but I went with mild to medium in this recipe.  I chose sea bass for this recipe because that's what I found fresh and wild caught at my ... Continue Reading