3 posts from month 05/2015

Slow Roasted Grapes with Ricotta and Honey

This recipe idea came to me from a cookbook I love from a bakery in Seattle called, Macrina.  They have a roasted grape tart .  So I knew I wanted to take that concept and do something as an appetizer and immediately thought of Ricotta cheese and honey.  The idea was to slow roast the grapes to concentrate the flavors.  So as I sat enjoying a glass of wine with my friend Jenn we did what we always do and talked about food.  I told her my idea for ... Continue Reading

Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Pineapple Salsa and Adobo Creme Fraiche

I think fish tacos are one of my top five favorite meals - and these delicious little gems are no exception.  Citrus and fish go so well together which is one reason why the sweet, fresh mango and pineapple tossed in some lime juice with a little heat from the Serrano chili pepper is the perfect combination to go with the grilled fish.  I used a dry rub on the fish that has a little kick to it and went with a mild to medium spice on the salsa because I layered on ... Continue Reading

Fava Bean Risotto

Every year I get excited when it's fava bean season.  These little gems don't look like much in the grocery store, in fact they may even look downright ugly - little black spots on the outside pod sometimes, long green thick pods - but trust me they are so delicious and worth the effort of peeling them twice.  To get to the bean itself you need to remove the bean from the long pod, which is generally easy to open down the seem and pop the beans out.  Then you ... Continue Reading