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Steak Bites over Bacon Wrapped Potato

with truffle mushroom and horseradish sauce

Steak and potato.  Yeah, it’s been done about a million different ways so there’s nothing new under the sun here except we are just going to go for it in the decadence department.  I’m throwing it all in.  Juicy New York steak, bacon wrapped around a slice of potato and then crisped to perfection, mushrooms sautéed in butter and then tossed in black truffle oil. Oh and to top it off there is a creamy horseradish sauce and of course a few chives for color and pizazz.  I’m not saying this is a one stop sheet pan kind of appetizer but if you want to get a little fancy then I’m your girl and this is your dish.

When I’m entertaining and want a wow dish it’s usually something like this.  And steak is always a safe bet.  You can omit any component that doesn’t work for you and still have a fantastic, elegant appetizer.  Don’t have truffle oil?  Just do a garlic and rosemary mushroom in butter.  Don’t like horseradish?  Do a creamy blue cheese instead.  But the steps are the same. 

Another tip is that I like to make an over top presentation like this but with do ahead steps so I’m not super stressed out at the last minute.  The par boiling of the potatoes and par cooking of the bacon and even the assembly of the bacon wrapped potato slices can be done ahead and covered and refrigerated for several hours.  And the horseradish sauce, too!  So all you are doing at the last minute is searing a steak and sautéing mushrooms and then crisping up the already partially cooked bacon and potato.  Those can be popped in the oven instead of on the stove, too.  375 degrees on a sheet pan with a drizzle of oil until crisp.  

So step up your game for your next dinner party and try these impressive but surprisingly easy little bites.  Your guests may even sign you up for the next Food Network show!

Ingredients for Steak Bites with bacon wrapped potatoes

Ingredients for Steak Bites

Ingredients for steak bites on bacon wrapped potatoes

Step by Step

Prepare the bacon wrapped potatoes

The idea here is to par cook (not fully cook) both the potatoes and the bacon so that you can wrap the potato slices in the bacon and crisp them both up at the same time.  If you don’t par cook both the potato and bacon the potato will be raw the bacon will be over crisped or burnt.  You want them to finish at the same time.  The thinner the slices of potato (sliced after you boil them) the quicker they will finish up. 

Start by bringing a pot of water to medium boil with just enough water to completely cover the potatoes.  Boil for 18-25 minutes (depending on the size of the potatoes) until fork tender but skin is still in tact and the potato is not falling apart.  You aren’t making mashed potatoes so you need some structure left as this is the base for the steak bite.

Par boil potatoes

Par boil potatoes

Drain in a colander.  Set aside to cool.

Drain potatoes

Drain potatoes

Meanwhile start on that bacon.  Cook in a large skillet or in batches or bake in the oven – whichever method you prefer but just par cook so the meat is barely starting to crisp up but the bacon is still very pliable.  Remove from pan and set aside in whole slices.

Par cook bacon

Par cook bacon

Once the potatoes are cooled a bit use a sharp knife to cut the ends off each potato and then slice in half.  Mine ended up being about1/4 inch thick or maybe a little more.  Just toss away the ends or extra potato.  You need 8 slices for the recipe.

Sliced cooled potatoes

Sliced cooled potatoes

Brush both sides of potato slices with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Brush potato with oil

Brush potato slices with oil

Then comes the fun part.  Wrap that bacon around each slice and secure with a toothpick so that when you crisp them in the pan later it’s easier.  You don’t have to secure them and if you don’t then start with the open side down in the pan (as seen in this pic).

Wrap bacon around potato

Wrap bacon around potato

Not perfect but as they crisp the bacon will adhere more to the potato.

Wrap and skewer

Wrap bacon and skewer into potato

Set aside or cover and refrigerate until ready to finish the plate.

Horseradish Sauce

This sauce is so simple and takes literally 3 minutes to make.  You can adjust the amount of horseradish up or down depending on your love of that kick that tingles at the base of your neck.

Start with 1/2 cup of sour cream.  You could also use crème fraiche which is just a little more delicate and silky in texture.

Sour cream

Sour cream

Add in the horseradish. Start with only 1-2 teaspoons and then add the salt and taste before adding more.

Add horseradish

Add horseradish

A little salt. About 1/4 teaspoon.

Add salt

Add salt

Whisk to combine and taste.  Adjust the amount of horseradish according to your taste.  If it’s too spicy for you then add a little more sour cream.

Whisk sauce

Whisk horseradish

Set aside or cover and refrigerate.

Sautee Mushrooms

Next up is those little mushrooms that go on top. They really pack a surprising amount of flavor when done right.  The key is to brown the mushrooms first and then layer in the flavor with the finishing oil.

Start by cleaning the mushrooms.  They are very porous so you don’t want to run them under water to clean them or they will be water logged and they won’t brown in the pan.

Wipe mushrooms

Wipe mushrooms with a damp paper towel

Cleaned mushrooms

Stemmed and cleaned mushrooms

Sliced mushrooms

Sliced mushrooms

In a large cast iron pan on medium heat add the butter.  When melted add the mushrooms in a single layer.  Don’t move them around until they’ve had a chance to start to brown on the first side then flip them.  Approximately 10-12 minutes total.  Season with a little bit of salt and pepper.

Sautee mushrooms

Sautee mushrooms in butter in a single layer

Look at that transformation!  That’s what you want to see.

Browned mushrooms

Browned mushrooms

Remove mushrooms to a small bowl and then season with the magical truffle oil.  If you don’t have truffle oil they are still delicious on their own!


Mushrooms ready for the truffle oil

Just a drizzle will do.  Taste and adjust if want a stronger truffle flavor.

Black truffle oil

Black truffle oil

Final Steps

Before cooking that beautiful New York or Ribeye steak remove it from the fridge at least 30 minutes in advance to take the chill off.  Pat both sides dry with a paper towel and season both sides generously.  Then, in a medium skillet over high heat add canola oil to the pan and let it get hot.  Add the steak to the pan and don’t move it for 4-5 minutes on the first side and 3-4 on the second for medium rare.  Remove from the pan and let rest.

New York Steak

New York steak seasoned and cooked perfectly

In the same skillet wipe it down and add a little more canola oil and then over medium heat (not high or the bacon will burn) crisp the bacon wrapped potatoes until the potatoes are golden brown and the bacon is crisp.

*Alternately you can do this in a 375 degree oven.  Tip: If the bacon crisps and the potatoes aren’t quite done yet then cover and place in the oven to bake for a few minutes.  

Crisp the potato

Crisp the potato and bacon

Finished potatoes

Finished potatoes and bacon

Assembly Time

Remove the toothpicks from the potatoes if you used them and place the crispy bacon/potato bites on a serving platter.


Place the crispy bacon wrapped potatoes on the platter

Slice the steak against the grain into 1/2 inch pieces or so, cutting away any fatty pieces. The steak should be just about the length of one of the finished bacon wrapped potatoes.

Building the steak bite

Building the steak bite

Next layer of steak bite

Next layer of steak bite -truffle mushrooms

Finish up with the horseradish sauce.  I like to place a little down the center of the platter for presentation and for extra sauce and then a little dollop on top of each steak bite.  Serve extra on the side in a small dish as well.  Then top with fresh chopped chives and serve.

Steak bites completed

Close up of the finished steak bites

Final platter

Assembled final platter

Steak bites

Steak bites on bacon wrapped potatoes

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Steak Bites over bacon wrapped potatoes

Prep Time & Cook Time: 30 -40 minutes
Makes: 8 servings


  • 3/4 lb New York or Ribeye steak (remove from fridge 30 minutes before searing)
  • 4 medium Yukon gold potatoes (or similar potato)
  • 8 slices bacon
  • 6 baby bella or large cremini mushrooms
  • 1/4 sour cream
  • 2-3 teaspoons prepared horseradish
  • Black truffle oil *optional
  • 1/4 chopped chives
  • Canola oil (2-3 Tablespoons)
  • Olive oil (2-3 Tablespoons)
  • 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
  • Sea salt and pepper


  1. Remove the steak from the fridge to get the chill off about 30 minutes before ready to sear. Pat dry and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Par boil the potatoes by placing in a medium sauce pan and just covering with water. Bring to a medium boil and cook until just fork tender. Approximately 18-25 minutes depending on the size of the potato. Drain and set aside to cool.
  3. Par cook the bacon in a skillet or in the oven until still pliable and tender (not crisp). Remove and set aside.
  4. With a sharp knife slice the ends off of all the potatoes and then slice in half. You should have about 1/4 inch or a little thicker slices. Brush potatoes with olive oil on both sides and season with salt and pepper. Wrap 1 slice of the partially cooked bacon around each potato and secure with a toothpick. Set aside or cover and refrigerate.
  5. Make the horseradish sauce by placing the sour cream in a medium bowl, adding in 1-2 teaspoons of prepared horseradish and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Taste and adjust as needed. Set aside or cover and refrigerate for later.
  6. Clean the mushrooms with a damp paper towel, remove the stems and slice into 1/4 inch pieces. Heat a skillet over medium heat and add in the butter. Sauté in a single layer and season with salt and pepper. Flip and finish until brown on both sides. Remove from pan to a small bowl and drizzle a tiny bit of truffle oil over the hot mushrooms. Taste and adjust with more if desired.
  7. Wipe clean the cast iron skillet used for the mushrooms and add a little more canola oil. Over medium high heat cook the steak, without moving it and flipping only once, until a crust forms on each side and you have the desired doneness. About 4-5 minutes on the first side and 3-4 minutes on the second for medium rare. Remove to a cutting board and let rest.
  8. Wipe clean the cast iron skillet again and add a little more canola oil. Finish crisping the bacon wrapped potatoes. The potatoes should be golden brown and the bacon crisp. Alternately you can finish by baking in the oven.
  9. Assemble the dish by removing the skewer from the potatoes and place on a serving platter. Slice the steak against the grain into 1/2 inch pieces and cut away any fat. Place the steak on top of the potatoes. Next place the mushrooms on top of the steak and top with a little horseradish sauce. Drizzle horseradish in the center and around the platter. Top with the chopped chives and serve extra sauce on the side.

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