Potato Mush

Kitchen Confessions

Well….not everything goes according to plan in a food bloggers kitchen.  Tonight I made mashed potatoes.  Correction, tonight I made potato mush.  On the bright side it was mush with a lot of flavor.  On the not so bright side it was terrible.  I can’t believe I’m even saying this but I would have been better off serving a boxed mashed potato.  What happened you may ask?  A classic error in the kitchen.  I was in a rush and I didn’t take the time to put some thought into what I was doing.  I poured a random and large amount of milk into a pan, added my butter and the lone russet potato I’d peeled and cooked earlier.  The potato disappeared into a bath of milk and butter, never to be seen again.  Oh I tried desperately to salvage the situation.  Had I had more time I probably could have come up with a reasonable solution like adding more cooked russet potatoes.  But no.  No time for reasonable.  So instead I decided to reduce the mixture – like a sauce.  Did it thicken up? Yes, it did.  I even managed to convince myself I’d ‘fixed’ them.  Did they turn back into fluffy mashed potatoes? No.  Just ask my kids who took a polite and obligatory bite, declared them delicious, and then covertly manage to avoid them for the rest of the meal.


potato mush

Potato mush