Sweet and Spicy Cashews

Spiced nuts - any kind of nut it doesn't have to be cashews - are such a great addition to any holiday gathering.  They are great starter to have with cocktails before dinner or as an addition to a cheese plate.  I even like to serve them as part of a dessert course with port wine and port soaked cherries dipped in chocolate.  Or another idea is to include these great little homemade treats as part of a gift basket.  Just add some crackers (see yesterd... Continue Reading

Gruyere and White Cheddar Crisps

If you've never tried making own cracker before don't be intimated; it's really just as easy as making cookies. Maybe even more simple than that, in fact.  It's basically a quick savory dough with whatever you want to include in it for flavor.  In this recipe I am using Gruyere cheese, for it's nuttiness, and a good aged white cheddar for it's flavor and bite.  I added a little bit of cayenne pepper just for a teeny bit of heat, but you can always omit that ... Continue Reading

Creamy Peperoncini and Caper Relish

It seems like every good burger experience involves some kind of a special sauce.  I really love pickles on my burgers...that tangy, briny flavor goes so well with a juicy, rich burger.  Right? I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it.  This creamy 'relish' is very tangy but once you pair it with the burger I think it really works.  And especially when paired with the Habanero Spiked Ketchup I posted earlier.  Now that's the combo.... ... Continue Reading

Habanero Spiked Ketchup

This little condiment is so easy to make and has amazing flavor from the roasted habanero pepper, which has a sweet, fruity quality to it as well as some serious kick.  Roasting it though really mellows the heat.  You can adjust the amount of ketchup to habanero to your own taste. I created this recipe to be a good medium heat with a gradual build but you can certainly make it spicier if that's your thing.  Just buy an extra habanero and roast two instead of ... Continue Reading

Cranberry Sauce Bacon Jam

Okay all you serious foodies out there.  You know who you are.  This one is for you.  Who isn’t in love with bacon jam?  I know I am.  I’ve been thinking about bacon jam….a lot.  I wondered how I could incorporate this favorite condiment into the traditional holiday menu.   And then I had an 'aha' moment!   Cranberry sauce bacon jam.  Makes perfect sense right? This recipe starts with a really flavorful ... Continue Reading