Roasted Garlic Parsley Pesto and Blackened Chicken Pasta

Looking for a full-flavored chicken pasta dish that can work for a quick weeknight meal but is good enough for entertaining?  This is it, my friends.  By roasting the garlic you get a sweet, nutty flavor that really gives this pesto an amazing background flavor.  And you can make the pesto ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator.  It will save for several days or even longer.  And by taking the shortcut of using your favorite blackening ... Continue Reading

Greek Chicken Pitas with Fried Onion Rings

If you haven't tried marinating meat in Greek yogurt, you must.  It's similar to the idea of marinating in buttermilk.  The yogurt is tangy and thick and gives a coating to your chicken that tenderizes it and keeps it extremely moist during the cooking process.  By adding in a lot of spices like cumin, oregano, onion, a little paprika and lots of garlic you get this really wonderful, flavorful chicken that will surprise you.I happen to love a good Gyro but ... Continue Reading

Chicken and Corn Mexican Tortilla Soup

This is one of my recipes that really benefits from time.  If you can plan ahead at all try to do it at least a few hours in advance or up to 1 day so that the ingredients have more time to come together into a luscious blend of flavor harmony. Yes that's a real thing. And it reheats beautifully so why not?  But for me the part that really sends this dish over the top is all of those yummy things you serve alongside the soup.  I love the crunch of the ... Continue Reading

Puttanesca Crusted Chicken with Fresh Tomato Relish

I'm so excited about this recipe because I love the flavors that go into a Puttanesca sauce (typically red onion, tomatoes, Kalamtata olives, capers and garlic) but I wanted to try it with a different twist instead of making it as a sauce to serve over pasta.  This chicken dish works so well to get all those flavors in every bite by first crusting the chicken in an almond, garlic, Parmesan cheese and Kalamata olive mixture and then browning it until it's crisp on the ... Continue Reading

Parmesan Breadcrumb Chicken Bites

When I entertain I often am cooking for adults and kids both.  And one thing I've noticed is that when I make fancy little bites of food for the grown up crowd the kids want to eat what we have,  even though they might not exactly like all the flavors or spice.  So I started making these little Parmesan breadcrumb chicken bites and serving them with fancy little bamboo fork skewers and now I can't keep the grown ups away from the kids food!If you were going ... Continue Reading

Prosciutto & Ricotta Whole Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Leek & Onions

Sunday dinner? Done.  Easter dinner?  Done.  Casual dinner with friends? Done.  This recipe is perfect for so many occasions.  It does takes about an hour and a half to cook but only 15 minutes to prep and once it's in the oven you don't have to do a thing.  And the melt-in-your mouth balsamic onion and leek mixture is the perfect compliment to the dish.  It's almost like a thick sauce served underneath the chicken.  There is a ton of ... Continue Reading

Blue Cheese Wedge Salad Skewers with BBQ Chicken

Continuing on with the idea of lighter appetizers I decided to try to put a wedge salad on a skewer.  I love buttermilk blue cheese dressing and making your own gives this dish a fresh quality to it.  My friends and I recently got together for a night of cooking, which we try to do once a month, and one them brought a blue cheese wedge salad with sliced radishes on it for a garnish.  That little bit of color and added crunch really made the salad, I thought, ... Continue Reading