3 posts from month 11/2015

New Orleans Shrimp Crostini with Creole Butter

I LOVE New Orleans style BBQ shrimp.  The sauce is dark and buttery with such depth of flavor from the creole seasoning.  Typically you get those flavors by creating a stock that starts with cooking the shrimp shells down with onion, garlic, creole spices, beer and Worcestershire sauce.  The sauce is finished with butter and served with shrimp piled high on the plate; the sauce poured all around it.  I wanted  to ... Continue Reading

Manchego Stuffed Chicken wrapped in Prosciutto with Shallot-Lemon Pan Sauce and fried Sage

Manchego cheese is one of my favorite cheeses in the world and it pairs beautifully with all the flavors in this dish. It's a Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk and has a mild but distinctive nutty flavor to it.  The trick to this recipe is to get just enough cheese into the 'pocket' that you are creating in the chicken breast so that you get a little bit with every bite, but not so much that it falls out while cooking the chicken.  That's where the prosciutto comes in handy.  One it adds ... Continue Reading

Sausage, Fennel & Goat Cheese Pizza

Sausage and fennel, fennel and sausage - two of my favorite flavor combinations and they happen to be reminiscent of fall, too.  Fennel sausage in your turkey stuffing?  Yes, please.  This recipe isn't exactly a Thanksgiving dish but it's a great one to serve whenever you are entertaining guests this holiday season or as an appetizer to your Turkey Day meal because it's relatively easy and the first few steps can be done ahead of time, making it simple ... Continue Reading