2 posts from day 03/11/2014

Sherry Roasted Wild Mushrooms

These are the most flavorful mushrooms you may ever come across.  The combination of dry sherry and shallots and garlic and herbs is simply irresistible. Roasting mushrooms brings out the full flavor and a certain earthiness that is inherent to them.  I like the variety of mushrooms for different flavors and textures and you can mix it up with whatever you like.  One tip about mushrooms is that you never want to rinse them under water.  They are very ... Continue Reading

Parmesan Polenta

This dish is so versatile and perfect for the holiday season because it can become the base of so many things.  And it's easy and delicious.  If you have some leftover I like to add some frozen sweet corn and make corn pancakes with them the next day as a side dish for dinner, topped with some more fresh grated Parmesan (of course). Or it's fantastic with a little marinara sauce on top and spicy shrimp.  For the holidays my favorite way to include this dish ... Continue Reading